Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
  • Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
  • Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
  • Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank
  • Preserved fruit vacuum soaking tank

Preserved fruit candied fruit processing machine

Vacuum sugar pot, also known as vacuum sugar pot, is suitable for all kinds of preserves, fruit sugar, pickles quick pickling. Such as: jujube, jujube, hawthorn, blueberry, strawberry, apple, pear, peach and so on quickly immersed sugar; Pickles and snack food seasoning quickly pickling into flavor, according to the output can be matched with the pump tank specifications.



Preserved Fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Cooking Pot,Vacuum Sugar Immersing Machine

This large capacity vacuum cooker is widely used in sugar saturated dried fruits for industrial purpose. Its large capacity up to 1200L aims to increase efficiency for each batch within short time.

The vacuum working environment maintains original fresh color of fruits and no damages to their nutrition, and can definitely decrease timing for saturation by 30%

comparing with in normal working pressure.

This machine is widely used in all kinds of food processing, also can be used to concentrate, dip sugar, evaporation,curing,purification and so on.

The machine has a variety of functions such as vacuum, heating, pressure, heat preservation and so on, a multi-purpose machine to meet your various needs.

The emergence of vacuum dipping sugar pot has solved many problems in food processing plants, shortened processing time, saved labor and improved efficiency.

It is an indispensable equipment in food processing industry.

The operation method of the sugar dipping pot:

The temperature of the oil can be automatically controlled by putting sugar and syrup in the pan and then turning on the electric switch. The boiling time of the sugar liquid

is controlled within 30 minutes, and the sugar produced is bright in color, clean and sanitary when used, and easy to operate. If the boiler cannot be used as the heat source,

the electric heating dipping pot is an ideal product.

The product integrates boiling sugar and vacuuming, which changes the traditional tedious procedure of boiling sugar in one pot and vacuuming in another pot.

Using only one pot also reduces the user's investment in the equipment

Main Features

◆High capacity up to 1200L for industrial purpose.
◆Heating source can be gas, electricity, steam, etc.
◆Whole process under control of the control panel, easy to operate.
◆Fruits get sugar infiltrated under vacuum low temperature condition.
◆Pneumatic cover opening and closing.

◆Full stainless 304 anti corrosion, without rust.
◆Temperature under easy monitoring and controlling
◆Water jet vacuum pump to decrease processing time
Pot Volume
Pot Material
Heating Source
Steam/Thermal Oil, Induction

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