Ultra high pressure HPP processing sterilizer machine
Ultra high pressure HPP processing sterilizer machine
  • Ultra high pressure HPP processing sterilizer machine
  • Ultra high pressure HPP processing sterilizer machine

HPP high pressure processing machine for NFC juice

Food ultra-high pressure sterilization technology is to use water as medium to apply 400-600mpa pressure to soft packaged food and other materials in closed ultra-high pressure container or 100-1000mpa pressure with high-grade hydraulic oil. So as to kill almost all the bacteria, molds and yeasts, and will not cause the destruction of nutrients and flavor changes as high temperature sterilization.


HPP Machine For Juice 

Ultra high pressure HPP processing sterilizer machine


High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique by which products, already sealed in its final package, are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure (300–600MPa/43,500-87,000psi) transmitted by water.Pressures above 400 MPa / 58,000 psi at cold (+ 4ºC to 10ºC) or ambient temperature inactivate the vegetative flora (bacteria, virus, yeasts, moulds and parasites) present in food, extending the products shelf life importantly and guaranteeing food safety.High Pressure Processing respects the sensorial and nutritional properties of food, because of the absence of heat treatment, and maintains its original freshness throughout the shelf-life.

High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) Main Advantages

• Characteristics of the fresh product are retained, sensorial and nutritional properties remain almost intact: Greater food quality.

• Destroys pathogens (Listeria, Salmonella, Vibrio, Norovirus, etc.): Food safety and exportation.

• Extends product shelf life: Lower returns, improved customer satisfaction.

• Reduces drastically the overall microbiological spoiling flora: Higher quality along shelf life.

• Avoids or reduces the need for food preservatives: Clean label foods (Natural/Additive Free).

• New innovative food propositions. Products that can not be thermally treated can now be High Pressure Processed: Innovation and competitive advantages.

• Able to shuck molluscs or extract crustacean meat without boiling: Higher yields, fresh flavour, minimum hand labour.





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